"PetterPhoto - Petter Sandell" - org nr 812 659 952 
Fotograf fra Kristiansand:  Konsertfoto, artistfoto, reisefoto og annet....
Salg av fotografier i print eller til publisering på forespørsel.  Priseksempel 50x50 cm/40x60 cm print på skumplate med oppheng kr 1.400.-
Jeg tar oppdrag på forespørsel (ikke studiofoto).  Bruk kontaktskjema nedenfor, eller epost pettersandellphoto@yahoo.com
ENGLISH: I'm living and working in Kristiansand, at the southern end of Norway ...at the northern end of Europe and the world in general.  
On "Heimebane" (Home Turf) there are photos from Kristiansand ("Hometown K-town") and Norway ("Norwegian Landscapes"), as well as portraits showing more or less local artists ("Artistfoto") and other people ("Kjente og ukjente i svart/hvitt").
"Live music" presents the local concert scene, including several annual festivals on offer in Kristiansand.  
However you will also find pictures from various corners of the world, obviously in "Around The World".  
I'm always on the search for the magic light wherever I can find it.  I love to take pictures of people acting out their lives between nature and architecture, or on stage while performing music.   
I can be reached by the contact form below, or email pettersandellphoto@yahoo.com​​​​​​​
Thank you!

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